Module Based

WaterMark OS is made up of independent, function-specific modules.  Each module can interact with other internal modules as well as external 3rd party software packages.  You can pick and choose which modules are active based on your specific needs.

Cloud Technology

The entire WaterMark Operating System lives in the cloud.  That means that there is no hardware or software to install and you always have the most up-to-date version of your applications.  If you have an internet connection then you are ready to go.

Mobile Ready

WaterMark is optimized for mobile devices.  Access your account from any smart phone or tablet in addition to any browser on your laptop or desktop computer - either PC or Mac.  This puts total control at your fingertips whenever and wherever you are.

Open Interface

Connect the WaterMark OS to your other software programs via open API.  Automatically export usage data into your billing software, integrate your existing SCADA software into your WaterMark reports, etc. We'll even help make sure everything is working for you.

Unlimited Users

At WaterMark we believe our software is most beneficial when it's being used.  That's why we don't charge license fees for seats.  So go ahead and add your entire team.  Our gurus will help you set each user's permissions so that everyone has access to the data they need (and nothing that they don't).